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I thought that top 10 would be the final resting place for the site, however I was in for a surprise as the site continued to rise until it finally rested alternating between position two and three.

Screenshots from Rank Ranger This isn’t a fluke, before I begun planning to use this strategy I had been researching what the big players among us are doing to make money post Panda and Penguin.

My dad used to say that if a gift is something you’d love to receive yourself, then it’s a great gift.

Jaime Murrell - Te pido la Paz (Full Album) 1994 - Musica ...I listened to these whispers carefully and begun to see a running theme among them.It was then that I decided to take a leap of faith and try what I now believe is the most powerful method to rank a site.After deciding to take a leap of faith, I spent the next few days gathering resources to execute my plan and knowing how difficult the niche had been in the past, I was eager to see what would happen.After gathering everything I needed and marking it down I realized I would need; Following the bits and pieces of information I’d found online, I executed my strategy and invested in linkbuilding services to create many thousands of backlinks.

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